Hey Kids, Comics! #69 - Seven Deadlies: You've Got What I Want

The in-depth exploration of the Seven Deadly Sins continues in this rather shameless issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  With seven categories of mortal vice and only five issues in the arc it is necessary to double up a bit and this is the first such episode.  Exploring two sins that seem complimentary, lust and envy, is the order of the day this outing.

Andrew “Hellllllo, Nurse!” Farmer and Cole “Me Too!” Houston try to get everything they have coming to them in this sinful examination of…sin!  Envy certainly plays a major role in comic books, most especially in the villain community.  Lust is a little harder to pin down at times but it is certainly a very present sin as well.  Myriad are the examples that will be cited in this journey through man’s failings as they pertain to our favorite comic books.