The Rantcor Pit 4: Mickey and George

Take a break from the madness of "Black Friday" with the latest episode of the JCU's Star Wars podcast!  It's been two weeks so it is time yet again for Cole and Eddie to examine yet another aspect of fandom and George Lucas' famous creation.

While it has been over a year ago, the impact of the sale of LucasFilm, Ltd. (and all that entails) to Disney can still be felt in the fan community.  With Episode VII of the saga looming large and the upcoming animated series Star Wars: Rebels on the horizon, it seemed only fitting to devote the fourth show to the topic of the new ownership of the franchise.

Love it or hate it, the acquisition is a done deal and Disney is moving full steam ahead on the future of Star Wars.  Give a listen to what your Rantcor Pit hosts have to say on the whole issue and discover the Marvel Comics connection.