Figments Case File 005: Roswell, Area 51 and Beyond...LIVE from All-Con 2014

Colleen and Eddie, our fearless Figments leaders, have survived All-Con 2014 and they have the recordings to prove it! For your listening pleasure we have the first of a two part series of live shows that we had the pleasure of doing in front of some great All-Con attendees here in Dallas, Texas last weekend.

In this first offering we briefly touch on the Roswell crash, Area 51 and the Russian alien autopsy. As an added bonus we have special guest, Andrew Farmer from the JCU hit podcast Hey Kids Comics! We discovered Andy has a deep love of all things cryptid and the unknown so when the topic of Hanger 18 came up we had to have Andy join us on stage in front of the captivated audience. Listen in as Andy also shares a secret from the Farmer Vault as he tells a story so shocking that had things gone wrong it could have altered the JediCole Universe as we know it.

Also, tune in next week as we bring you part 2 of the All-Con Live shows, "Bigfoot, Mothman and other Cryptid Creatures."