Figments Case File 007: Monster Hunting with Lyle Blackburn - LIVE from G33K3 The Con 2014

We bring you our biggest Figments case file yet as we welcome famed cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn to the show. Join us as we travel the waterways of Boggy Creek in search of the elusive Fouke Monster and the back roads of Bishopville on the trail of the Lizardman. Lyle guides us through an exciting hour filled with mystery and intrigue.

This soon to be legendary episode was recorded live at G33K3 The Con 2014 ( Please check out Lyle and his body of work at

Figments Case File 006: Bigfoot, Mothman and other Mysterious Monsters LIVE from All-Con 2014

Here it is Crypto-teers! The long awaited Part Two of our Live broadcast from All-Con 2014. It took a couple of extra weeks due to the extra post-production work we had to do in order to get the audio up to acceptable levels. But here it is..."Bigfoot, Mothman and other Mysterious Monsters."

This is an extra special treat in that it is a JCU Podcast Family Reunion! In the show you will hear many familiar voices of the JCU Podcasting world including Cole Houston, Andrew Farmer, Bobby Blakey and Roy Buckingham from Cult Film Fanatics. Lots of other friends chime in, both old and new, making this of of our goofiest episodes yet.

Please note there are two parts to this episode so make sure not to turn it off too early. You will hear the main panel which lasts 45 minutes but then right after is a BONUS 20 minute episode. The entire episode runs about 1 hour 8 minutes so make sure you don't stop at the 45 minute mark.

Figments Case File 005: Roswell, Area 51 and Beyond...LIVE from All-Con 2014

Colleen and Eddie, our fearless Figments leaders, have survived All-Con 2014 and they have the recordings to prove it! For your listening pleasure we have the first of a two part series of live shows that we had the pleasure of doing in front of some great All-Con attendees here in Dallas, Texas last weekend.

In this first offering we briefly touch on the Roswell crash, Area 51 and the Russian alien autopsy. As an added bonus we have special guest, Andrew Farmer from the JCU hit podcast Hey Kids Comics! We discovered Andy has a deep love of all things cryptid and the unknown so when the topic of Hanger 18 came up we had to have Andy join us on stage in front of the captivated audience. Listen in as Andy also shares a secret from the Farmer Vault as he tells a story so shocking that had things gone wrong it could have altered the JediCole Universe as we know it.

Also, tune in next week as we bring you part 2 of the All-Con Live shows, "Bigfoot, Mothman and other Cryptid Creatures."

Figments Case File #004: 70's Sasquatch Disco Fever!

Break out your bell bottoms and Bee Gee's records because its time to head back to the 70's with Colleen and Eddie! Join our cryptid couple as they explore the unique genre of Sasquatch Documentaries! The Boggy Creek Monster, Peter Graves and not even Leonard Nimoy are safe when our disco duo explores this long gone part of American cinema.

Don't forget to roller skate all the way to the end of this groovy podcast to hear the details about Figment's first live performances on March 14th and 15th.

Figments Case File 003: Close Encounters of the First Time

Do UFOs exist? What are they? Are they man-made or extra-terrestrial? What are people really seeing when they say they have seen an unidentified flying object? Well tonight, the dorky but lovely duo, explain to you what THEY saw...

Co-hosts Eddie and Colleen Medina change it up a bit in this new episode of Figments as they tell you for the first time "on air" their own account of witnessing a UFO. Join them as they fly you away to Fairfield State Park in the heart of Texas to relive their encounter.

Figments Case File 002: Welcome to the Rock

The unknown...the unexplained...and now the un-escapable. Join co-hosts Colleen and Eddie Medina once again as they break INTO the ever infamous Alcatraz prison to find out if the "un-escapable" has been escaped. 

Did Frank Morris, Clarence and John Anglin successfully break out of Alcatraz and safely make it to civilization and freedom in June of 1962? Listen in to this week's episode to find out what we think.

Figments Case File 001: Holiday Weekend Turns Hairy

Welcome to our inaugural episode of Figments, the mysterious encounters podcast. Join hosts Colleen and Eddie Medina as they take you on an ongoing exploration of cryptozoology, conspiracies, unsolved crimes and the unexplained.

In tonight's case file our cryptid couple gives a little background on themselves and their lifelong obsession with the mysterious world we live in. They will also take a look into the Memorial Day Bigfoot footage from 1996. Listen in as Colleen and Eddie give their reasons why they think this is one of the stronger pieces of visual evidence of the Sasquatch phenomenon.