Figments Case File 006: Bigfoot, Mothman and other Mysterious Monsters LIVE from All-Con 2014

Here it is Crypto-teers! The long awaited Part Two of our Live broadcast from All-Con 2014. It took a couple of extra weeks due to the extra post-production work we had to do in order to get the audio up to acceptable levels. But here it is..."Bigfoot, Mothman and other Mysterious Monsters."

This is an extra special treat in that it is a JCU Podcast Family Reunion! In the show you will hear many familiar voices of the JCU Podcasting world including Cole Houston, Andrew Farmer, Bobby Blakey and Roy Buckingham from Cult Film Fanatics. Lots of other friends chime in, both old and new, making this of of our goofiest episodes yet.

Please note there are two parts to this episode so make sure not to turn it off too early. You will hear the main panel which lasts 45 minutes but then right after is a BONUS 20 minute episode. The entire episode runs about 1 hour 8 minutes so make sure you don't stop at the 45 minute mark.