"Hey Kids, Comics!" and "The Rantcor Pit" Are On the Move!

Greetings, JediCole fans!  I have some big news for you regarding a couple of favorite podcasts from The JediCole Universe Podcasting Network.  Two of the most popular shows on the network are going to have a change of schedule beginning this week.

In order to maintain the quality of the show and keep up with the self-imposed weekly schedule, Andrew Farmer has chosen to move Hey Kids, Comics! weekly release date from Wednesday to Friday.  Start your weekend off right with the JCU show that takes and in-depth look at comics from every conceivable angle.  

Andy and Cole will be talking up one of their favorite subjects again on Friday, April 11 as HKC! moves into its new spot in the week.  If you are wondering what became of us today, now you know.  Just give us a couple of extra days and we will deliver some more fun and thoughtful comics programming for your enjoyment.

The Rantcor Pit has had a rather sporadic schedule of late, bouncing around here and there.  Well it is time to get back to basics with a set release day each week.  As you may now know, the Star Wars-themed podcast I co-host with Eddie Medina of Figments  has been invited to become a part of Deep Ellum on Air, a Dallas, Texas based network of podcasts and programming! 

The Rantcor Pit Live will premiere as the opening show of their Sunday lineup on April 13 and return every other week as a companion show to The Rantcor Pit here at the JCU on alternate Sundays (starting April 20).  That's right!  You can now get your Rantcor fix every Sunday right here and over at Deep Ellum On Air!  

So, to recap, look for the new line-up here staring in just a couple of days...

Hey Kids, Comics! - Every Friday starting April 11
The Rantcor Pit Live - Every other Sunday starting April 13
The Rantcor Pit - Every alternating Sunday starting April 20