Hey Kids, Comics! #85 - The Great HKC!/Whadjathink? Crossover (Volume 1)

In honor of HKC! founder and host Andrew Farmer's recent move to Arizona, this issue of the show is being released on Friday (as promised), just on Friday relative to Arizona time.  Our apologies for this edition running late, but it is a special Double-Sized issue!

Winter is Coming

It was bound to happen!  When a comic book show and a movie review show share the same podcasting network, a crossover is somewhat inevitable.  This is especially true when a major comic book movie arrives that demands such a team-up!

That movie is, of course, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and by mutual fanboy gushing it was decided that Andrew and Cole needed to join forces with Catherine and Bobby to bring our respective shows together in one massive issue of Marvel goodness.


"Aren't you glad we saw the movie before catching the latest HKC! issue?" 
As this issue takes its cues from the format of Whadjathink?, the coverage of Captain America's second big screen outing is chock full of spoilers.  If you have not seen this movie and don't want to find out, well, everything in advance then do not listen to this episode until after you get to the theater!  No punches are pulled as nearly every moment of the film is discussed.  

So join the fun (now that you've seen this amazing Marvel movie) as worlds collide and a major milestone in this constantly unfolding franchise comes to the fore.  Andrew, Cole, Catherine, and Bobby just can't wait to share their moviegoing experience with you!  And lots of spoilers, too!

Arnim Zola: Mad genius, accomplished documentary filmmaker.