The Rantcor Pit #14 - A Universe of Their Own

Women in Star Wars are often few and far between so it was certainly something worth talking about last Sunday on The Rantcor Pit Live.  But the topic was just too big for one hour so Cole Houston and Eddie Medina pick it up yet again with the help of Mrs. JediCole.

When looking for the greatest concentrations of female characters the Expanded Universe was the place to go.  Most of the women in Star Wars can be found there.  And just because Disney has declared it never happened, that is just from the standpoint of better continuity.  Those women, and the female characters of film and television, are important parts of the overall Saga.

Join us as we continue the discussion on the various lead characters and background characters that help make sure that Leia and Padme are not the Smurfettes of their respective trilogies!  Plus as a bonus, Catherine tells the tale of Shmi Skywalker that was repeatedly banned back in our VaderCast days!