Hey Kids, Comics! #89 - HKC! Revisited: Why I Hate Fanboys

Take a look back at the Not-So-Secret-Origins of Hey Kids, Comics! as your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston return to the early days of the show.  No, this is not another time travel show, but rather the beginning of a new arc that reexamines our first arc (and first five issues in the process). 

This reflective issue features special guest Rick Gutierrez of The United States of Geekdom and takes a second look at the overbearing nature of some fanboys.  Love it or hate it, the opinions of some get thrown about rather aggressively when it comes to comics and comic book-related media.  Does this give the wrong impression about fandom to those outside of that realm?  And what role do the news and social media play in perpetuating that kind of behavior?

Join us for the first of five issues that take a new look at Comic Shop Confidential.  You can check out the original episode (HKC! #1) here.