Whadjathink? - Godzilla

Force of Nature

Welcome to the latest edition of Whadjathink?, the movie show that is more akin to the drive home with friends after the movie than a review.  As such it is chock full of spoilers, so it is always best to have seen the movie before listening to this podcast.  This time your hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey set their sights on the “King of Monsters” as portrayed in Godzilla!  But there’s more!  They are joined by their respective spouses, Cole Houston and Drucilla Blakey to discuss not only 2014’s blockbuster, but the original 1954 Japanese cut of Godzilla

Both couples had attended screenings in Dallas recently of the film that started it all in the original Japanese with English subtitles.  Raymond Burr was nowhere to be seen and aspects of the original not shown in the US in the 50s added a new element to the story.  From the first to the latest incarnation of Toho’s flagship kaiju, the contrasting visions of two tales released 60 years apart will make this one of the most fascinating episodes yet!

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