Hey Kids, Comics!/Whadjathink? Crossover - Superman . Batman: Dawn of Justice

Lookie!  "Whadjathink?" is back!  Well, sort of.  

This week (even if a few days late), Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are taking a week away from the current story arc to catch up on scheduling and some issues with the JCU site.  So the timing was ideal (especially since it gave most folks time to go see the movie) to air a special they recorded with Mrs. JediCole on the subject of "Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice"!

Presented as a crossover between this show and the long out of production "Whadjathink?", Mrs. JediCole joins the critical review and discussion of the Zach Snyder epic.  The good, the bad, the just a little to Snyder-y, it's all here.

Find out what three seasoned JCU podcasters thought of the first universe-building chapter of Warner Brothers' overdue attempt to cash in on what Disney and Marvel have been raking in the dough in Uncle Scrooge-like proportions for years.  Was it all as bad as the professional critics would have led us to believe?  Was it just kind of bad?  Was there anything redeeming in this picture?  Was it actually kind of good?  

These and other questions are answered as your hosts tackle ups and downs of this blockbuster that are so prevalent as to seem like a Superman tall building hurdle race!  This is a spoiler-rich episode for the handful of people who have not seen the movie.  You have been warned! 


Whadjathink? - Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

The Wages of Sin

It's time for another spoiler-rich edition of Whadjathink?  Mrs. JediCole and Bobby Blakey are at it again, this time they are turning down any given back alley in Frank Miller's Sin City!

Actually they have invited Hey Kids, Comics! co-hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to join them as they discuss the long overdue sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.  Like Marv, they pull no punches when it comes to spoilers, so if you have not yet seen the movie, perhaps it would be best to check it out first.  Find out for yourself if Robert Rodriguez's latest noir effort found favor in their eyes.


Whadjathink? - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Turtle Bay

Welcome to a special edition of Whadjathink?, the movie review show that never pulls punches when it comes to spoilers.

As Catherine Houston was not going to be screening the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Bobby Blakey was undaunted in his desire to talk it up on the show and produced this special episode.  Joining him as his guest co-host is none other than Andrew Farmer of Hey Kids, Comics!, an ideal choice for a comic book based movie like this one.  Resident Turtles expert Eddie Medina (Figments, The Rantcor Pit/The Rantcor Pit Live) joins the fun and brings his extensive knowledge to the table.

Give the show a listen to find out what Bobby and Andy had to say about Michael Bay's take on the Eastman and Laird classic tale of a quartet of reptiles mutated into sentient martial artists in the big city!

Spoiler Alert!

Listen to the show right here, dude!

Whadjathink? - Guardians of the Galaxy

Friend Zone

It is time once again for the spoiler-rich movie review show, Whadjathink?  This time your hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey have invited Hey Kids, Comics! hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to join them yet again to discuss a comic book movie!  
The blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy is the topic of course, so you can expect considerable geeking out over this film!  It is a lot longer episode than normal (nearly two hours), but this was just too big to contain in the usual format!  

Spoiler Alert!

I am Groot!*
*Listen to the latest episode here.

Whadjathink? - Hercules

Hero Worship

Hey movie buffs!  And fans of movies with buff stars!  It's time for another edition of Whadjathink? right here at The JediCole Universe!

Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey take a look at the latest Dwayne Johnson vehicle, Hercules on this episode.  This sword and sandals epic presents a new take on the classical myth.  Did it bring joy to your hosts or disdain?  Find out in this show where they are joined by Drusilla Blakey for a spoiler-filled discussion of this movie of heroic proportions.



Whadjathink? - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

That Which is Caesar's

Welcome to the latest edition of Whadjathink?, the movie show that is like the drive home with friends after the film.  This outing hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey find they have money on a monkey fight when they talk up another post-apocalypse, with chimpanzees!  Yes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the topic as they are joined by Catherine’s brother-in-law Clay Houston.

It’s monkey trouble, business, and wrenching a-go-go with an exploration of the hit sequel to 2009’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Were the hosts and their guests impressed by the sophomore installment of the new franchise or did it come across more akin to something written by a room full of chimps with typewriters?  Find out for yourself if the panelists went ape for one of the most anticipated films of the summer.


Whadjathink? - Maleficent

Vengeful Spirits

Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey have been to the movies so it is Whadjathink? time again!

Summer brings us so many great movies that it is time again for another episode of Whadjathink?, the movie show that is like the drive home with friends after the show!

This episode focuses on Maeleficent, Disney's live action take on one of their classic fairy tale animated features, Sleeping Beauty.  Your hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey are joined by Catherine's cousin, David O'Rourke, for a compelling look at this rendition of a timeless story.  

Whadjathink? - X-Men: Days of Future Past

Future Imperfect

It's a Whadjathink? Double Feature Weekend!  

Welcome to another great crossover episode of Whadjathink? where Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey are joined yet again by Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston of Hey Kids, Comics! in what has become a comic book movie tradition.  

With a trio of die-hard comic book fans and one comic movie fan who "married into it", you can expect some really intense discussion of this movie.  The good, the bad, the great that came out of this franchise rebooting movie are discussed at length.  Expect some fanboy gushing and some interesting insights from your collection of X-hosts.

Whadjathink? - Godzilla

Force of Nature

Welcome to the latest edition of Whadjathink?, the movie show that is more akin to the drive home with friends after the movie than a review.  As such it is chock full of spoilers, so it is always best to have seen the movie before listening to this podcast.  This time your hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey set their sights on the “King of Monsters” as portrayed in Godzilla!  But there’s more!  They are joined by their respective spouses, Cole Houston and Drucilla Blakey to discuss not only 2014’s blockbuster, but the original 1954 Japanese cut of Godzilla

Both couples had attended screenings in Dallas recently of the film that started it all in the original Japanese with English subtitles.  Raymond Burr was nowhere to be seen and aspects of the original not shown in the US in the 50s added a new element to the story.  From the first to the latest incarnation of Toho’s flagship kaiju, the contrasting visions of two tales released 60 years apart will make this one of the most fascinating episodes yet!

For Bobby Blakey

Whadjathink? - Amazing Spider-Man 2


Welcome to another great episode of Whadjathink?, this time again joining forces with Hey Kids, Comics!  

Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston and Bobby Blakey welcome Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to talk up the latest edition of the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the subject of discussion as the ups and downs of the feature film are kicked back and forth between a collection of comic book and movie fans.

Was ol' Web-Head's latest cinematic adventure favorable to all?  Was it roundly hated?  Find out for yourself by giving this show a listen.  That is if you have already seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 beforehand.  This show does not pull its punches when it comes to mentioning just about anything that happened on screen!


Hey Kids, Comics! #85 - The Great HKC!/Whadjathink? Crossover (Volume 1)

In honor of HKC! founder and host Andrew Farmer's recent move to Arizona, this issue of the show is being released on Friday (as promised), just on Friday relative to Arizona time.  Our apologies for this edition running late, but it is a special Double-Sized issue!

Winter is Coming

It was bound to happen!  When a comic book show and a movie review show share the same podcasting network, a crossover is somewhat inevitable.  This is especially true when a major comic book movie arrives that demands such a team-up!

That movie is, of course, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and by mutual fanboy gushing it was decided that Andrew and Cole needed to join forces with Catherine and Bobby to bring our respective shows together in one massive issue of Marvel goodness.


"Aren't you glad we saw the movie before catching the latest HKC! issue?" 
As this issue takes its cues from the format of Whadjathink?, the coverage of Captain America's second big screen outing is chock full of spoilers.  If you have not seen this movie and don't want to find out, well, everything in advance then do not listen to this episode until after you get to the theater!  No punches are pulled as nearly every moment of the film is discussed.  

So join the fun (now that you've seen this amazing Marvel movie) as worlds collide and a major milestone in this constantly unfolding franchise comes to the fore.  Andrew, Cole, Catherine, and Bobby just can't wait to share their moviegoing experience with you!  And lots of spoilers, too!

Arnim Zola: Mad genius, accomplished documentary filmmaker.

Whadjathink? - Dallas Buyers Club

Cost of Living

Welcome to another edition of the movie podcast modeled on the drive home from the theater.  Your hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey join forces to discuss the new Mathew McConaghey real-life drama, Dallas Buyers Club.  

Cole "JediCole" Houston joins in on the conversation that is, like all episodes of Whadjathink?, spoiler-rich.  If you've seen this amazing movie then give a listen to the thoughts and feelings that three seasoned movie-goers had after seeing it themselves.


Whadjathink? - Thor: The Dark World

If I Had a Hammer

It is yet again time for Whadjathink? and this time the Asgardian epic Thor: The Dark World is the subject!  Your intrepid hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey step into elf-ridden territory as they discuss the latest Marvel movie.

Joining this pair is a friend of the JCU, Diane Tran, who brings her own geeky take on Thor to the table.  As always, this is a spoiler rich show so you may not want to listen until you've seen this movie.  But since we ran a little late this time, you've had plenty of time to get your ass to the theater!


Whadjathink? - Gravity

The Fright Stuff

Welcome back to Whadjathink?, the movie review show that teams Catherine "Mrs. JediCole Houston with movie and television reviewer extraordinaire Bobby Blakey!  Join this pair as they welcome special guest Connie O'Rourke to share in the kind of discussion of a film you have on the way home from the theater.  This time it is all about the minimally cast orbital epic Gravity!

For the unfamiliar, Whadjathink? pulls no punches in its coverage so it is naturally spoiler rich.  Please bear that in mind if you have not seen the movie as we advise listening to this show only if you are prepared to hear about nearly every aspect of what transpires on screen.


If you enjoyed this episode of Whadjathink? and want to hear more, check out the previous episodes right here on the JCU!

Whadjathink? - The World's End

Drink Like There's No Tomorrow

Welcome to the latest edition of Whadjathink? with Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey.  This time they are joined by the JCU's own Andrew Farmer for a critical pub crawl through the final chapter of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's "Cornetto Trilogy".   

As always this episode will be replete with spoilers so it would be a good idea to wait until after you have seen the movie to listen to the show.  Unless of course you want to know everything going in, that is certainly up to you.  Self-determination is what it's all about, right?  


Whatdjathink? - Elysium

Wish You Weren't Here

Welcome movie goers to another edition of Whadjathink?the JCU's spoiler rich movie review show.  This time it is the Matt Damon sci-fi action film Elysium.

Catherine and Bobby are joined for this discussion by none other than JediCole himself.  Opinions vary on how many targets were hit and how many were missed amid gunplay and class warfare.  Listen in if you you have seen this movie or are not bothered by spoilers.


Whadjathink? - The Wolverine

Bare Claws

It's time yet again for Whadjathink?, the show that asks a select fan what he or she thought of a recently released feature film.  

Show hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey are joined by Texas illustrator and tattoo artist Chris Oz Fulton as they pop the claws and take on The Wolverine!  Did it inspire a berserker rage of Mutant mayhem or did it just hole up in a cave in the mountains to be forgotten?  Give a listen, but remember, these shows are chock full of spoilers in the way that Logan's skeleton is chock full of adamantium.