Hey Kids, Comics! Annual #2 - That Time of Year

Hey Kids, Comics! is celebrating its second anniversary with a second annual!  While there is not connection to the "cotton anniversary", this year's annual is all about...annuals!

From the shift to calling the yearly super-sized specials "annuals" to the often dreadful cross-title storylines or themes and beyond, the annual has been a major part of comics for decades.  Whether as a means to tell a stand-alone story outside of the immediate continuity or as a vehicle to introduce new characters or plot devices, these special volumes remain a staple to the present day.

Now your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston bring you an insightful look at the annual - the good, the bad, and the groan-inducing!  But as with any story "too big for a standard issue", they are not venturing into this realm alone!  Their special guest, comic scholar and collector Weldon Adams joins the lively discussion and acts as a guide into the storied realm of the comic book annual.  So go dig out your favorite annuals and give a listen to this very special audio annual we have put together just for you!

Listen to our second annual right here!