Hey Kids, Comics! #110 - Comicades: The 70s "Comics and Me (Decade)"

Every decade has its defining moments, its pieces of history, and its influences on the those that follow.  When it comes to comic books, the events and trends, economics and public mood help inform the direction that publishers take and leave their mark on the comics that are produced during a given decade.

Join hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston as they launch a new story arc that promises to take an in-depth look at "a decade in comics" from the 70s through the (albeit not even half done) 10s.  

"Cerebus Begins"

This week the "Me Decade" of the 70's launches the arc.  From seemingly rampant licensing to a massive number of titles available from both DC and Marvel, the so-called Bronze Age of comics was also a Golden Age of many aspects.  For some genres it marked the beginning, for others the end.

Get in on the nostalgia as Hey Kids, Comics! takes you through over 40 years of the art and industry of comics!

Your father's Guardians of the Galaxy