The Collector's Piece: Loot Point or Why You Should Subscribe to Loot Crate

In the past few months the term "Loot Crate" has been one I have seen here and there, mostly on Facebook, and eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I took the plunge.

But what does that mean exactly?  What is Loot Crate and what does subscribing entail?  

August 2014's Loot Crate included an exclusive Groot Pop! Vinyl!

I was wondering that myself when I decided to get in on the action.  As the head of Games and Theory, the game shows track for All-Con each year I am always on the lookout for potential prizes large and small for our contestants.  Beyond that I am an avid geek and love cool collectibles of every kind.  These two factors were a big part of my decision, but certainly one of them is kind of unique to myself.  However, the other deciding factor - cool collectibles - is certainly far less so.

I had heard about the product mix in Loot Crates having included such things as Pop! vinyl figurines and other such collectibles from Funko as well as t-shirts, fridge magnets, keychains and the like.  I was also moderately aware that each month's box was themed, the most recent being October's "Fear" theme.  As I write this article I am awaiting that particular crate, but I have already received my first crate, September's "Galactic", and I must say I am impressed, especially for the price.  But why not see for yourself in the following JCU Video Selfie...

In the brief, Loot Crate offers fandom a fun collection of $40 worth of themed goodies on a monthly basis at a really good price overall.  The Funko Reaction Alien figure alone would cost $10 at any retail outlet.  Factor that into the subscription cost of $11.67 to $13.37 per month (depending on your subscription level) and it really turns out to be a bargain!  Personally I went for the six month plan and look forward to sharing the contents of future crates with followers of the JCU as each month's selection arrives.

T-shirt design from July's "Villains" Loot Crate
If you have been inspired to subscribe to Loot Crate at the one, three, or six month level, just click here to get in on the fun.  And to sweeten the pot, Loot Crate has offered past crates to new subscribers and has a monthly drawing for a highly valuable ($750 worth of coolness) Mega Crate to be won by a lucky subscriber!

A little black box of amazing!