Hey Kids, Comics! Live #2 - Con Men

Welcome at last to the second big issue of Hey Kids, Comics! Live, delayed two weeks but here at last!  

JediCole meets Harry Knowles at Wizard World Austin Comic Con!

Hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston, at the JCU's home away from home Deep Ellum on Air were joined by Chris - the founder of teh North Texas Comic Book Shows and Ron - owner of the comic and pop culture store chain Collected for a discussion of the life and times of the comic book convention.

Ron and Chris join the fun at "Hey Kid,s Comics! Live.

The convention scene has changed drastically over the years in Texas and around the country.  With close to 100 years of experience collectively in every aspect of the convention, your hosts and their guests look at comic conventions from the standpoint of attendees, promoters, and vendors.  

Get in on the conversation that originally went out live from Deep Ellum in Dallas on Saturday, October 25, 2014.

Hey Kids, Comics! 2014-10-25 by DeepEllumOnAir