Hey Kids, Comics! #111 - Comicades: The 80s "Before the Dark Times"

OOOOPS!  We missed our publishing date (10/31) last week!  Here is the late edition of the latest HKC!

Welcome to the second installment of "Comicades", the story arc in which Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discuss comic books and the comic industry from the 70s to the present, decade by decade.  In this issue they discuss the 80s and the events that led comic publishers to really discover the full potential of the medium.

Hearken back to the decade that brought us so many new characters and concepts.  From the disco-era inspired Dazzler to the first full company crossovers and character guides, the 80s were a coming of age for comics.  Find out what your hosts have to say about a decade that influenced them both as readers and collectors.