Hey Kids, Comics! #112 - Comicades: The 90s "Age of Chromium"

Comics had their Golden Age, their Silver Age, and even their Bronze Age.  The 90s, then, truly were the Chromium Age of Comics! - JediCole

Welcome again comic book fans to Hey Kids, Comics! and the latest installment of "Comicades".  After two decades of self-discovery and growth, the comic industry turned its attention to increasingly elaborate ways to add seeming value and ultimately grab a whole bunch of cash!

Join your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole "JediCole" Houston as they discuss the boom then bust era that was the 90s.  Joining them this week is Rick Gutierrez of The United States of Geekdom as they each discuss the ups and downs of a crazed period where comics went from commodity to liability as a bubble stretched to the point of bursting and beyond.

"If you print it (especially with fancy inks, embossing, chromium, or trading cards) they will buy!", might well have been the mantra of this peculiar decade.  Find out more right here, right now!