Hey Kids, Comics! #113 - Comicades: The '00s "The Other Side of the Bubble"

And then the bubble burst.

Poised on a precipice between extinction and rebirth, the comic industry reeled from the demise of the era of "comic books as an investment".  At a point where the general consensus was that comics were a doomed medium, the industry reinvented itself, but not in the "virtual" way that had been the prevailing expectation.

Join Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston as they discuss the innovations and bold new directions that steered comics in the right direction at the point that the end seemed within sight.  The 2000's proved a second Renaissance for the industry.  With a focus on sophisticated stories, compelling art, and a more mature audience, a new Golden Age began to emerge.

As "Comicades" delves into the last full decade of this arc, there are plenty of amazing stories to discover in this rewarding look back at the recent history of the comic book medium.