The Rantcor Pit #26 - One End of This Galaxy to the Other Episode 1: Expanding the Universe

The Rantcor Pit is back, if a day late, and your hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina are back from a journey across the galaxy!  The galaxy of Star Wars collectibles, that is!

When thinking about what constitutes a collectible, a great many things come to mind.  With the broad spectrum of Star Wars related merchandise that has been produced over the course of many decades, defining "collectibles" under such a broad umbrella can become impossible.  Cole and Eddie have taken it upon themselves to expose you to a variety of collectibles you may never have known existed.  

In this first part of a trilogy on collectibles, the amazing diversity of products one can find that are Star Wars related is the subject of discussion.   The two episodes that follow in this series will have a little more specific target in mind.  So give us a listen, discover an amazing universe of collectible genres, and reflect on what all has been made over these many years.  Who knows?  You might also be inspired to seek out some of the things discussed for your own collection!