Hey Kids, Comics! #115 - Have You Heard?

With much of America embroiled in seeking out the "Black Friday" bargains for the year, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are still celebrating Thanksgiving Hey Kids, Comics! style.  This year that translates to their special take on "holiday birds".

Yes, this episode is for (and all about) the birds!  The bird-named, themed, and feathered denizens of our favorite comics are the focus this issue. 

From the bird-themed characters like Falcon and Black Condor to characters with actual bird wings like Dawnstar, Angel, or Winged Victory, to those sporting bird-inspired costumes like unlikely Big Hero 6 cameo recipient Black Talon, "Bird Season" officially opens with this issue!  

Every corner of the comic book realm has been searched for the subjects of this particular issue of the show.  This one is for the birds as birds of a feather are flocked together and every one in hand is worth at least two in the bush.  So join us on a flight of fancy as Andy and Cole spread their wings, leave the nest, hope they don't lay an egg, and invite you to soar with them through the Hey Kids, Comics! Aviary.