The Rantcor Pit #27 - One End of This Galaxy to the Other Episode 2: Force Feeding

Thanksgiving Day fast approaches (in the United States, anyway) and folks are looking forward to feasting on their traditional fare of the season.  So with the start of the massive food intake that typifies the holiday season in mind, The Rantcor Pit is proud to present an episode that is all about Star Wars foodstuffs and restaurant premiums!

From the collection of Warren Jacobsen
From themed products like C-3POs Cereal to movie tie-ins like the various Pepsi cans and bottles, to fast food premiums, there is no shortage of collectible items and packaging from the realm of food products.  The Rancor Pit's first "trilogy" takes a look at the edible phenomenon with the help of Star Wars food packaging and food related product collector Warren Jacobsen.

Cole Houston and Eddie Medina take a page from Chewbacca's book and think with their stomachs with this episode.  Join them in welcoming their guest and guide through the long history of a galaxy far, far away that has wound up on breakfast and dinner tables, been a key element of between meal snacking, and even celebrated the holidays with related treats over the history of the Saga.  There's food for thought and thought for food that is part of this complete podcast!

Yes, this was an actual Star Wars candy treat!