Hey Kids, Comics! #119 - Take This Cape and Shove It!


Nahhhhhhh...we can't quit you!  But when it comes to comics, especially super-hero comics, quitting just comes with the job.  How often have your favorite heroes left in a huff only to return anew to the one thing they were born to do with their lives?  

From abandoning a persona or costume to departing the team to just plain leaving the game for good, the phenomenon of "super-quitting" seems to run rampant in comics.  No one can truly fathom why, especially since it seems everyone is quitting, usually only to come back again.  Between dying and quitting it is amazing any super-heroes get anything done!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston can't quit talking about the Super-Quitters Club in this episode.  Why do heroes quit?  Why do they get to come back when they damn well feel like it?  Why is it so hard to find a super-hero who has never quit?  

Quit asking such questions and give this episode a listen today!