The Rantcor Pit #28 - From One End of This Galaxy to the Other Episode 3: Another Universe

After a lengthy absence due to the holidays (seriously, from Life Day to New Year's Day it gets pretty hectic here at The Rantcor Pit) Cole Houston and Eddie Medina are back to bring you the final chapter of From One End of This Galaxy to the Other.

Collectibles become a huge part of many a Star Wars fan's life to varying degrees.  In this trilogy the purpose was to highlight some of the varied collectibles that can be found beyond the obvious.  In this case collectibles from foreign lands.  There really is just something uniquely appealing to U.S. collectors about packaging and language variations as well as things you just can't find at home.  

Your hosts are joined yet again by Warren Jacobsen who lends his knowledge and experience with overseas collecting to the proceedings.  Learn about the Tri-Logo vintage toys, Japanese collectibles made from nearly every possible material, and even a uniquely Brazilian release.  From the collector coins distributed at Celebration Japan and Celebration Europe to Japanese Pepsi collectibles to a curious little pencil sharpener, countries around the world have offered a rich variety of finds for the adventurous collector out there.

Even bootlegs and knock-offs make the cut!

From the collection of JediCole Houston.