Hey Kids, Comics! #122 - Journey Into Toys

The Aisle of Toys beckons yet again!

When it comes to comics, one thing that compliments them well is toys!  From the earliest Superman tin toys to the latest Lego Avengers playset, toys have been a popular place to find your favorite super-heroes.  As avid collectors of three-dimensional representations of their favorite characters, HKC! hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston really love to talk up the toys.  Especially on the cusp of the International Toy Fair in February!

This latest issue is dedicated to the latest Golden Age of comic book related toys and collectibles.  With amazing new selections from Hasbro’s lines of Marvel Comics action figures to DC Direct and Hot Toys to even Funko’s remarkable Reaction line (a bit of a departure from topic but they are so cool), the sheer volume of toys that have been expected since last year or have been teased or promised for this year is rather remarkable. 

So open your ears and your toy chest to this episode for a in-depth look at upcoming toys and just how much two grown men can turn into schoolgirls when it comes to their favorite playthings.  Or is that display-things?  They don’t really play with these toys after all.  Do they?  Why of course they do!  That’s why they are so keen on what is coming next for their collections. 

Lego SHIELD Helicarrier Set (Not mentioned on the show!)

Even Mrs. JediCole joins in on this one as personal wish lists are espoused once again in hopes that the wishes have already been granted and just not announced yet.