The Rantcor Pit #30 - Speeders, Walkers, and Cloud Cars! Oh My!

Most if by land, few if by sea, and a whole lot by air! 

When you need to go on more of a blue milk run than a Kessel Run then you probably want to select one of the more terrestrial vehicles of the Star Wars universe.  From variations on the hovering landspeeder to aircraft that are not designed to ever leave the atmosphere, the choices at your disposal are many.

Your favorite Star Wars guys Cole Houston and Eddie Medina guide you through the wide variety of land and air vehicles utilized through the course of the Saga to date.  Even those teased in the Episode VII trailer are touched upon in this episode.  From favorite land-locked conveyances to the air cars of Cloud City and Coruscant, a lot of ground (and air) needed to be covered and Cole and Eddie were more than up to the task.

From concept to screen.
Which vehicles do Cole and Eddie love most and which they could do without?  What is the connection between Star Wars and Godzilla?  How is one of the prequel saga vehicles akin to two old Kenner toy?  These and other questions are answered in this vehicular episode of The Rantcor Pit!