The Rantcor Pit Live #20 - So Close Yet So Far, Far Away...

2015 is a magic number.  Well, for Star Wars it is, at least from the standpoint of being the year in which that galaxy far, far away will again be thrust into the public consciousness in a huge way.  Even more so in that this is the year that is only the beginning of a steady stream of Star Wars movies, television shows, and merchandise.  

JediCole both celebrates this (as a life-long fan) and laments it (as a collector) along with his co-host Eddie Medina as they explore what's in store for Star Wars as the year goes forward.  

This time they are joined by Vegabomber (of The JediCole Universe's own "Do It Yourself" podcast to talk up the new year and all things Star Wars that we fans have to look forward to down the line.  From toys to literature to, of course, the movie!  

The Rantcor Pit LIVE 2015-01-11 by DeepEllumOnAir

Behind the Scenes:  Vegabomber did get his autographed box of Star Wars Gummies.