Hey Kids, Comcis! Live #5 - HKC! Film Festival

Number Five Alive!

Did you miss us on Saturday, January 10 for the live broadcast of the show?  Well fret not!  The fifth issue of Hey Kids, Comics! Live is here for your enjoyment!  And as the title indicates, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are hosting their own film festival over at Deep Ellum on Air!  

That is to say, their own fan film festival.

Joined this month by Zach Schrotter of Jedi Goddess Presents (also on DEoA), they take a look at some of their favorite fan films as well as some pretty high production stuff from pros who are obviously huge fans.  While there are far too many such films to include them all, expect some really great choices for discussion (and a few clips) during this great episode.

Hey Kids Comics 2015-01-10 by DeepEllumOnAir

If you want to check out the featured films, each one is linked below for your viewing pleasure. 

Batman Dead End

Superman and Batman: World's Finest

The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special


Batman vs. Deadpool - Super Power Beat-Down Ep. 8

Dirty Laundry

Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society

Ex-Men: Wolverine

Superman vs. Hulk

Now Hiring Trailer

Yep!  That's JediCole!