Hey Kids, Comics! #125 - The Super-Human Condition: Above and Beyond

Hey Kids, Comics! is back at last, if a couple of days late.  Things are pretty hectic at the JCU at the moment with preparations for All-Con 2015 consuming most of our days, so be sure and come see us March 12-15 in Addison, TX.  And remember, Thursday the 12th is a FREE tryout day if you just want to see what it is all about before you buy your pass!  But in HKC! news we just ran behind getting this week's issue out to everybody.

The Super-Human Condition continues to explore the dynamics and psychology of being a super-hero or villain (depending on which side of the crime fence you like).  And this week things get turned all the way up to eleven!  

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have discussed the pinnacle of human achievement types and those that utilize science or sorcery to enhance what God gave them on permanent basis (at least for their alter ego), but now it is time for the characters who are always imbued with powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men.  

Whether by accident or design, many are the heroes and villains who are forever that which makes them "above and beyond" what man might achieve.  From accidents with highly improbably after effects to the deliberate taking on of permanent physiological change, there is a lot to talk about this week.  Especially with mutants factored into the mix!