Hey Kids, Comics! #126 - The Super-Human Condition: Out of This World

Hey Kids, Comics! is back with more on The Super-Human Condition, this time with "human" not really being so much part of the equation.  This issue takes the explorations of the psychology of super-heroes well away from terrestrial concerns.  From the all-too-common "last sons" of faraway worlds to the explorers and conquerors of realms beyond our own, there is a lot of ground (or is that space?) to cover.

What does it mean to be "alien" on Earth?  And then to elect to become a protector of your adopted world?  Or to plan its invasion for your leaders?  Or perhaps you are just trying to get back home like that little guy in "E.T."  There really are endless possibilities when you just aren't from around here.

So get in on the action and see (or hear) what Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have to say about strange visitors, interplanetary wars, dimensional travelers, higher planes of existence, and unique musical instruments.  Whether down and out on Earth or on top of the world, this one's for the aliens!