Did You Miss "Foscar Night"?

Hey gang!

It's been a little bit since this year's Oscar ceremonies honored last year's top films.  On the day of that event our own Vegabomber, co-host and creator of Do It Yourself  turned the Academy Awards on its ear with the first annual Foscars (or Fanboy Oscars)!  

You will see some familiar faces in fandom appearing as presenters including Andrew Farmer (Hey Kids, Comics!, Hey Kids, Comics! Live) and Eddie Medina (The Rantcor Pit, The Rantcor Pit Live, Figments).  In fact Eddie and I taped our presentation just minutes before going live with the latest edition of TRPL!  

So if you missed Foscar Night, then here's your chance to see what Vegabomber (who can't help but do everything Hollywood himself) had in mind for the "best of" cinema last year!