The Rantcor Pit #31 - Do We Like the Star Wars!

The Rantcor Pit is open for business yet again after a recent and unannounced hiatus!  Cole Houston and Eddie Medina are back and ready to talk about...Star Wars!

Okay, so that is rather the point of this whole show, that is not lost on them.  This time, however, they hearken back to the very first episode of the two-host incarnation and talk about the very series of films (and subsequent phenomenon) that are the reason this podcast exists.  From childhood memories to anecdotes to general tales of Star Wars, your hosts take a trip through their vastly memories of the Saga.

Starting with Episode IV and working through the entire pair of trilogies, many are the stories that punctuate their lives and the impact of Star Wars.  Multiple screening, the "collecting bug", the advent and evolution of home video, and that damned Episode I trailer!  The last part is a story you will certainly here on this episode (assuming it has not been told in the past, in which case you will hear it again).

So get ready for a jump into retro-hyper-space as Eddie and Cole go full reverse then full speed ahead on a journey through lives chock full of the Star Wars!