Hey Kids, Comics! Live #7 - To All-Con and Beyond!

It's "live" time again!  Fresh off of a whirlwind weekend at All-Con 2015 (where the JCU had a HUGE presence!) hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston had a lot to share about their experiences a this and other conventions.  But they did not go it alone!  Joining them were DFW area Back to the Future costumer David Martino and Midnight Movie Cowboys co-host Hunter Deusing!

From the ever-popular game shows (by All-Con Games and Theory) to the various panels, costumes, and other memories from the show, if you missed out on All-Con this year, let this episode whet your appetite for 2016!  Learn about our favorite convention from someone who's been involved all eleven years and others who run the gamut from first timers to being practically fixtures of this show!

You can see this month's guest David at the contestant's table!
Join the fun with this special episode of the live show that is the closest you will come to the All-Con experience without actually attending!  The JCU, along with Half-Ass Productions and Games and Theory, is already gearing up for next year with just under a year ahead!  We love this convention and you can discover why when you check out the episode.

Hey Kids Comics 2015-03-21 by DeepEllumOnAir