Hey Kids, Comics! #132 - Robots Not in Disguise

It's time once again for Hey Kids, Comics!, the JCU podcast that takes an in-depth look at comics in unique new ways.  This time your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are going to get all robotic on you with a look at the massive population of robots and robotic characters that can be found all over the comic book realm!

Not a Transformer, nor Shogun Warrior, nor Go-Bot, Joe Pi stands alone.
With Avengers: Age of Ultron soon to be unleashed in theaters, it seemed only logical to talk up all things robotic.  DC and Marvel certainly have a long history of fielding characters that were man-made, often with unexpected results.  Who would have thought an automaton, robot, android, or mechanical man could walk through walls or catch fire?  But then that is how you get some memorable characters that are inorganic in nature.

 From robots with unexpected origins to a team made up of their ilk, you can always count on some new robotic hero or villain cropping up.  Some seem to have adopted the Tyrell Corporation slogan and seem more human than human, others begin their virtual life awkwardly imitating their creator's nature.  Still others are just the mobile sum of their programming, nothing more or less.  But when it comes to creating robots, people in comics should always expect the unexpected!

Dr. Magnus gets more than he bargained for with his precursor to Galaxina!