The Rantcor Pit #34 - Celebrating Celebration

Your Rantcor Pit hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina invite you to join them in celebrating the official convention of the Star Wars known as Celebration. 

The seventh such event was held recently in Anaheim, California and welcomed thousands upon thousands of fans of the Saga from around the world.  Among them was the creator of the photographic web comic Yak’sPub and the guest for this episode, Scott Horne.  As the author of a popular fan series and a member of the 501st Legion, Scott has enjoyed his first experience with the phenomenon that is Star Wars Celebration and was happy to share it with you and your hosts on this show.  JCU contributor Bobby Blakey plays a sizeable role in these memoirs!

JediCole had attended Celebration VI three years earlier and mingles his experiences at that event with those of the Rantcor Pit’s guest.  From panels and costumes to collectibles and fans, there is a lot to cover when talking up this amazing event.  Many are the tales shared as anticipation builds for the future and Celebration VIII, when and wherever that may occur!  In the mean time, get a taste of what it is like to attend the Holy Grail of Star Wars conventions on this special episode!

And now a special photo gallery featuring Celebration VI photos from JediCole and Celebration VII photos from Scott Horne.

Finally, as promised, Scott's poster of the Heimlich Maneuver published as a Yak's Pub promo!  (This is a copy of the poster in the collection of JediCole.)