Skip eBay, Some Star Wars Celebration VII Exclusives Are Still Available!

Friend of the show (and my personal resource for many goodies from Celebration VII) Warren Jacobsen gave me the heads up on a limited number of Celebration VII Store exclusives that have become available at the original price paid at the convention!  And all of them qualify for FREE domestic shipping!  If you have not already, don't pay outrageous eBay asking prices (plus shiping) because if you wanted any of these and missed out, there is a "new hope"!

Reed Pop Supply Company is offering six popular Celebration VII exclusive items which are all available as of the posting of this announcement.  Here's what they have to offer, so be sure and check out their Star Wars Celebration Page as soon as possible so you don't miss out a second time!

Death Star Soccer Ball - $30.00 

Space Slug Jack-In-the-Box - $25.00

Admiral Ackbar Sushi Set - $35.00

Chewbacca the Sock Wookie - $25.00

Death Star Automobile Fuzzy Dice - $10.00

Talking Max Rebo Plush - $35.00