Hey Kids, Comics! #133 - More on Moore: The Works and Days

And so it begins!

As promised on Hey Kids, Comics! #130, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are going to take you on a journey into the life and history, the career and achievements, and the just plain oddities that define one of the greatest comic book creators of our day.  This would be none other than the legendary Alan Moore! 

Since this is no journey to be taken lightly, each issue of this story arc will feature one to two special guests.  This week your hosts are joined by local Dallas-area artist (and comic book scholar in his own right) Jefferson Harris.  Bringing his brainy game, Jefferson provides insight, humor, and even JediCole-style pop culture references to the discussion.  And what a discussion!

From Moore’s working class upbringing to his certainty that he has met one of his most iconic characters in person, there was much to talk about in the first chapter of what will prove to be a most satisfying exploration of a genius writer.  Cutting his creative teeth on the British anthology comic scene, usually under a sobriquet.  From there he would expand his talents remarkably with the introduction of two series in Warrior Magazine that would become world-famous.

So just who is this Alan Moore person, anyway?  That is what Andy, Cole, and Jefferson attempt to determine as they talk about this influential writer and (at times) seeming madman.  His works, his moods, his triumphs, and more…on Moore.