Hey Kids, Comics! #139 - Beyond the Big Red Cheese

Behold the power of SHAZAM!  From the innocent and playful super-hero genre flagship character of Fawcett Publications to the modern powerhouse of the New 52 era, Captain Marvel (the original one), has had a role to play in comics since the early 40s!

This week's Hey Kids, Comics! is all about "the Big Red Cheese" (per Dr. Sivana) or Captain White Bread (per Guy Gardener), the mythic-themed super-hero commonly known as SHAZAM!  With his bold chest symbol, jaunty half-cape, and magical keyword, Captain Marvel has plenty of history that the hour of this show proved far too brief to cover.  Who would have thought an orphan boy who gets lured into an elderly man's subterranean lair would turn out to be such an amazing character?

Join host Cole "JediCole" Houston in an exploration of one of the most powerful yet often underrated characters in the DC Universe.  Andrew Farmer is out this week, but Cole is joined by two great guests, reviewer Eric Shirey and his son Everett Shirey!  Get the father and son take on this classic character, as well as some other characters inspired by "the Captain".

Drs. Sivana and Gargunza