Hey Kids, Comics! Live #10 - What We Talk About When We Talk About Daredevil

JediCole here.  After a nine month run of Hey Kids, Comics! Live on Deep Ellum on Air, I must inform those who have followed this spin-off series that the following will be the final issue of the live show.  Host and show creator Andrew Farmer has returned to Ohio, making it impossible to maintain a live version of his weekly show from the studio in Dallas, Texas.  Rather than try to turn this show into a different version of the weekly pre-recorded show, with a different or rotating cast, I felt it best to cancel the series and focus on the weekly audio version that has been running for years.  In deference to the amazing run of the live show, a decision was made to give it the best possible send-off rather than abruptly announce its end.  Absent Andrew, I give you the tenth and final issue of Hey Kids,Comics! Live. 

Welcome comic book and especially Netflix Daredevil fans to the last issue of the live version of Hey Kids, Comics!  The series may be over but the fun will continue on The JediCole Universe and Deep Ellum on Air none the less!  

To conclude the series with a bang, the television epic that was the first season of Daredevil seemed the ideal topic.  Co-host Cole Houston was joined in the studio by Catherine Houston and Clay Houston to engage in a conversation so epic it could not really be contained in the one hour at their disposal.

Daredevil was such a breakaway hit and binge-watching favorite that anticipation is already running rampant for the next season!  With dynamic characters and amazing actors, this was everything the modern super-hero genre needs to be outside of the printed page.  Check out what some instant Daredevil fans had to say about the production, cast, and various nods to the Marvel Universe...

Hey Kids Comics 2015-06-20 by DeepEllumOnAir

It's always best to date a medical professional when fighting crime "two fisted"!