Hey Kids Comics! #143 - Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?: Suit Up

Isn't it cool when someone has a T-shirt that has light up elements?  Or a dress with some kind of neon glow coming from underneath?  Technology and textiles being paired is not so uncommon in this day and age, but what about clothing that takes things into a whole other realm?  That is what Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston set out to talk about as they discuss various "super-suits" in comics.  

From costumes that adapt to your powers without being destroyed by them to armors and costumes that are chock-a-block full of gadgets and tech to give you the upper hand in a fight.  From flight gauntlets and leggings to protective body armors to all manor of costumes that, once donned, make a man into a super-man.

What characters will enter the conversation this time?  What is the distinction between the super-suit and the REALLY super-suit (that will be covered in a latter issue of this show)?  Who thought it was a good idea to create an artificial fifth limb as part of their alter-ego?  These and other burning questions are the order of the day this week on Hey Kids, Comics! 

Most awkward "Marvel Universe" entry in the history of the series.