Hey Kids, Comics #144 - Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?: Military Grade

There are gadgets, devices, weapons, and "toys"...then there are the truly BIG guns!

Welcome to the latest issue of Hey Kids, Comics! and the middle of the "Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?" story arc.  This week your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston break out those big guns as they talk up the warfare ordinance level gadgetry employed by many heroes and villains.  Beyond just laser firing prosthetic tails or utility belts full of goodies there are the force beams that shatter walls and the handguns that take out tanks.  

Forces to be reckoned with of this scale are employed by the heaviest hitters both good and bad.  This weeks discussions try to touch on the most notable characters who have become one-person weapons platforms in their own right.  From the Hall of Justice to the Hall of Armors, comics have long brought us some hefty heroes (and villains against which to pit them).  Prepare for a higher form of war (or criminal justice) with the accouterments considered of military grade that are explored herein!

Atta boy!