Hey Kids, Comics! #147 - The Kids Are All Right

And Hey Kids is back!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have returned to fore to take on all manner of comic book related topics.  And this week it is all about the kiddos!  That is to say, this issue takes a look at super-heroes who are minors.  

The child hero is an unusual dynamic that is replete with questions about why anyone thought it was a good idea!  What indifferent parent or ineffective government agency would allow someone too young to drive a car to go out on the mean streets to combat the criminal element?  What is the danger potential of a young child having the powers of a god?  Why would a seemingly advanced alien haul off and dispense super powers to a bunch of damn kids

Your hosts take a long look at the phenomenon of the child hero character and its place in comics over many decades.  From sidekicks to headliners, there were plenty of kids in the mix.  And not just the obvious ones like that Boy Wonder from Gotham!