The Rantcor Pit #37 - Ewok on the Wild Side

The Rantcor Pit has returned!  After over a month away (while we took time to provide a month of live shows as well as some much needed time away), the home of simple tricks and nonsense is back for your listening enjoyment!

As the title this time suggests, hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina take a little look at some little characters from the Star Wars saga.  The Ewoks.  The love/hate divide for the indigenous species of the forest moon of Endor is a fairly even split.  It would take the Gungans to become the truly divisive species among fans!

While JediCole falls mostly in the negative camp, Eddie comes to bat for the furry little warriors as they explore the life and times of Ewoks.  From a personal inside joke phrase revealed herein to Return of the Jedi to the made-for-television movies, this episode delves into the Ewoks from many an angle.  Their battle against the Empire brought the Rebel Alliance some short help, but there was far more to their story than one decisive battle.

Discover for yourself what The Rantcor Pit has to say on the subject of George Lucas' admonition of daring to be cute when toppling an empire as we return to our regular bi-weekly schedule!

This WILL Make Sense, We Promise You