Hey Kids, Comics! #150 - The Best Comics WE Ever Read

Hey kids, it's National Comic Book Day!

Welcome at long last to the much-anticipated 150th issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston return from the late summer hiatus to bring you another milestone for this series.  It seemed only fitting to commemorate the event with a look at some comic stories that impressed your hosts.

From single issues to story arcs, and even entire series in a sense, some unique comic tales are discussed.  This very personal issue of the show is intended to inspire listeners to discover the comic stories discussed and perhaps seeking out where the titles went from the point outlined on this show.

Enjoy this follow up to Hey Kids, Comics! Annual #1 and the precursor to the first issue of a new series as Cole and Andy wax nostalgic about (some of) the best comics they ever read.