The Rantcor Pit #40 - Collect All 10!

It's Rancor Pit time again!  Yes Cole Houston and Eddie Mendina are back with a brand new episode!  Hot on the heels of last week's live show which was all about Hammerhead, your hosts were inspired talk about action figures.  Concentrating on one background character who's first (but by no means last) toy incarnation was a favorite certainly led to this week's topic.

A topic, in fact, so vast that this episode will simply be the first in a three-part series on The Rantcor Pit's favorite Star Wars toys!  Introducing this, your hosts have limited the discussion to their favorite vintage (1977 to 1985) action figures, further limiting it to just five choices each - hence the title!  This proved no small task as there were nearly 100 choices at their disposal and they had to exclude all of the vehicles, playsets, and other accessories of the Kenner line.

Discover for yourself what vintage action figures proved to be Eddie and Cole's favorites as they wax nostalgic about not only the toys themselves, but of their memories of collecting and enjoying the the hunt for the illusive figures in the pre-internet age.

All photos from the collection of JediCole.