Hey Kids, Comics! #151 - HKC! Team-Up #7: The Outsiders

It's time again for Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to talk up another aspect of comics!  It is also time for another exploration of the super-hero team dynamic with another HKC! Team Up!  This time the spotlight lands on the group that started their joint career as Batman and the Outsiders and would later drop the prefix to be simply The Outsiders.

Batman's personal version of the Justice League would introduce a variety of new heroes and villains to the ever-expanding DC Universe and bring some compelling tales.  Discover this often forgotten group as your hosts share personal memories as well as tales of the team and some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the comic itself. 

From the ever-changing roster of the team to its relaunch (sans Batman) to an interesting revelation about one of  its members, there was plenty to discuss when it came to the Outsiders.  Enjoy this exploration of a team that gathered storied veterans of DC together with brand new players to create some memorable tales of super-heroes banding together for the greater good!

What does THIS have to do with the show?  Find out when  you give it a listen!