Hey Kids, Comics! #152 - A Wolf Pack of One

Heroes Who Go Solo

That is the focus of this week's issue of Hey Kids, Comics! in which your hosts explore the dynamic of taking the law into your own hands...by yourself!

Marvel, DC, and indeed most comic publishers with super-heroes have had their share of loners.  Face it, some heroes are just better off on their own.  So your non-loner hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have taken it upon themselves to explore the drives and dynamics of going it alone.  

Many are the heroes who choose the lonesome path, but why?  What drives them to this approach and why have so many gone on to join teams, thus depleting the pool of genuine solo heroes?  Thes and other questions are posed and discussed at length.  Even the question of who might need to consider a solo career rather than being a serial "team player" is raised! 

Image of "loners" compiled prior to recording and does not necessarily reflect heroes discussed on the show.