The Rantcor Pit #41 - Collect All 10, Too

Well, that took some doing!  There were issues downloading this episode of the show, but it cooperated at last nearly a week late!  We hope that you enjoy the show, even very late.

Do you like the Star Wars...action figures?

Two weeks after hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina shared their favorites from the nearly 100 action figures produced between 1978 and 1985 by Kenner, they seek to define their personal top five from the hundreds that followed beginning in 1995!  

With so many figures to choose from over the years it was a monumental task to limit the conversation to a mere five action figures each.  To soften the blow a bit, figures from The Force Awakens were excluded from the mix.

So discover what modern Star Wars figures that are favored by Eddie and Cole as well as the stories behind them.  Plus Honorable Mention figures from both the Vintage and modern line!

Photos from the collection of Cole "JediCole" Houston