Hey Kids, Comics! #154 - Time Out

Take a moment to give some of your time to the exploration of comics past, present and future as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston challenge time itself!

More accurately they delve into those who truly do rail against chronology within the comics.  Time travelers!  No comic book universe is truly complete without one.  And some have more than their fair share.  

In defiance of the inevitability of anomalies, a veritable legion of time travelers people the comics we love, wreaking havoc or righting wrongs.  Heroes and villains alike have leaped from their present to antiquity or the frontiers of tomorrow utilizing their own inherent powers or creations of advanced science.  

Your hosts took a timely journey into time with explorations of the multi-faceted king of the Marvel time travelers, who's got the best means of moving through the ages, and why time travel is more often not the best plot device out there.  All this and more because if you've go the time, we've got the Hey Kids, Comics!