The Rantcor Pit #42 - Collect All 10: Figures Sold Separately

A long time ago, but not in a galaxy far, far away, the first Star Wars toys arrived on the scene.  Since then thousands have followed, making the topic of this episode all the more daunting for your hosts!

Concluding "Collect All 10", Cole Houston and Eddie Medina talk about their own personal best when it comes to Star Wars toys other than action figures.   If you missed out on the previous two episodes, be sure and give them a listen for some insights on the Vintage and contemporary action figures that preceded the current run of Episode VII toys.  This time, however, it is about everything else ever made.  Well, ten toys from that category, anyway. 

But how does one reduce hundreds upon hundreds of choices to a mere five?  That was a question heavy on the minds of The Rantcor Pit's hosts as they shared their favorites.

Find out exactly which ten toys made the cut, along with some back story on each, as Cole and Eddie fondly express their love of these great collectibles.  From action figure-related vehicles and playsets to a unique piece from the 70s, there was so much to talk about that this episode runs over an hour in length!  

Photos feature the collection of Cole "JediCole" Houston