Hey Kids, Comics! #155 - Here There Be Monsters!

Hey Kids, Halloween!  Well, tomorrow anyway, but why wait?

Welcome to the latest issue of Hey Kids, Comics! and a very special one at that!

Having passed the 150 episode milestone (over and above Annuals), Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are proud to present an issue that is all about the place of monsters in comics.  From the outset horror and monsters have been very much a part of the four color mythos.  As the "monster holiday" fast approaches it seemed an ideal time to explore the dark corners of comic books past and present.

Joining your hosts this week is a very special guest indeed!  Comic creator and historian, musician, author, and all around font of pop-culture knowledge Michael H. Price lent HKC! his time for one of the most memorable episodes to date.  This issue delves into one of the most prevalent genres of comics with someone who has been in involved with the medium as everything from reader to publisher to writer and more.

You can find Michael H. Price's many publications on Amazon, click HERE to check them out and buy his amazing work!